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The key to effortless style. 

Have one of our friendly stylists sort your wardrobe into 3 sections. 1. Core Capsule, 2. Seasonal + Sentimental Keeps and 3. Give-away or Re-sell pieces. We eliminate unnecessary pieces & highlight pieces that really work for you.

Core pieces are pieces that are timeless and rarely go out of style. They are usually made of good quality fabric and are able to be worn for a variety of occasions. These pieces fit you so well that on any given day you could grab them off the rack blindfolded and know you look and feel great in them.

Seasonal pieces are pieces that are valuable and useful but need to be put aside due to current temperature or lifestyle factors. Sentimental keeps are pieces that might not fit you anymore, or you will hardly ever wear but they are valuable to you in some way. For example your wedding dress – you’re not going to wear it again in a hurry, but you will keep it as a sentimental piece. This can apply to any special item of clothing.

Give away or re-sell pieces are usually made from poor quality fabrics that have stretched out or don’t fit you anymore. They are usually pieces that were cheap to begin with and have now gone out of style. Usually these pieces can be in good enough condition to give to charity/op-shops or to give to a friend or relative. Alternatively if you have pieces that are good quality and were expensive, yet they don’t fit you or suit you anymore you can re-sell them in a variety of ways. Some options include 2nd hand clothing markets or selling on ebay. We can assist you with these re-selling options for an additional fee. 

Wardrobe Cleanse Pricing

Time to complete: 2hrs

Service Fee $99-